Frequently Asked Questions

Can you remove birds from inside my facility?

Yes, we are able to remove birds from inside all types of facilities. The first step is a phone assessment to gather basic information, including the square footage of your facility, ceiling height, and other important information. Depending on your facility, we will determine the number of technicians needed, time on-site, and capture strategy. We have removed birds from 15,000-square-foot grocery stores, 1,500,000-sqare-foot distribution centers, 3-story open-concept malls, airports, inside a 16-story hotel, and many more locations.

How quickly can you be here?

Our typical response time is between 3-7 days, depending on the urgency of your bird removal needs. Other factors which could influence our response time are: food safety, customer-facing issues, the species of birds, the numbers of birds, and many others. More complex projects, such as work on locations over 750,000 sq. ft., the need for multiple services, removal of more than 25 birds, or service in our mobilization area, may take a couple of days longer. To find out our current estimated time to service, please call 855-362-2200.

What if I have an emergency?

We have a 24-hour emergency response service available, if needed. Emergencies may include a hawk or other federally protected species entering your facility, food safety audits, customer-facing issues, or other situations. Call 855-362-2200 or order service online.

What hours during the day is the work typically performed?

Service is performed during daytime hours because this is the time of day the birds are most active. To offer our guaranteed service, we must have full access to the facility during all open hours and be able to work when the birds are active. Our technicians are trained to work in busy settings without disrupting your operations or customers. We work in grocery stores, airports, distribution centers, and many others without interrupting the flow of customers or work. Because of our low-profile gear and method, many customers and employees do not even know we are on site.

Where do you offer service?

Service is available in the central and eastern regions of the United States; please click here to see our service area map.

How are the birds captured?

All birds are removed with our (patent pending) live capture process. We have developed a unique method with custom-built equipment to safely and effectively capture birds. When our technicians arrive on site, they first scout the area looking for the birds and the best capture locations. Once these are determined, the nets are placed and our technicians will work with the birds using a variety of techniques. By following our process, the technicians can safely capture all birds while on site.

How do the nets work?

Our nets are made of a very fine mesh given structure by horizontal support lines and capped with vertical end lines. They are near invisible when placed in a dark area of the ceiling, similar to fishing line from a distance. When birds fly into the mist net, it stretches and safely decelerates the bird. The nets have pockets formed by the horizontal support lines and mesh that hold the bird in place until our technicians remove them.

How long are the birds in the net?

All our nets are actively monitored by technicians, and birds are removed immediately upon capture. Our technicians remain on-site during the entire capture process. This is often very different from other uses of mist nets where they are left unmonitored for hours. Traditionally, mist nets have been used in an unmonitored fashion by pest control companies or during ornithological studies, and then are checked later to see what has been captured. In the situation in which our technicians need to take a break, such as lunch, the nets are collapsed so no birds may be captured while they are not being actively monitored.

How can I prevent birds from coming back after you’ve removed them?

After any of our removal services (interior, exterior, and nest removal), we perform a full facility inspection. During the inspection we look for any facility maintenance, sanitation, or operational issues that may contribute to bird problems at your facility. Once this is completed, we speak with members of management on-site and confirm all issues in writing. By implementing best practices, you can reduce the number of bird issues at any facility.

Why are the birds inside my facility?

Birds may enter your facility for a number of different reasons. The birds are attracted to your facility by a number of factors, including food, water, shelter, warmth, or safety. The birds may enter through open doors, gaps along the roofline, or other holes in your facility wall. This can be accidental, in pursuit of food they can see, or when seeking warmth. In rare instances, a predator such as a hawk may chase other birds inside your facility, resulting in two or more interior birds.

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