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Our Services

Guaranteed Bird Removal service is not a new segment of the pest control and wildlife industry, but it’s now easier than ever. We offer four specialized services that remove interior bird issues, help control exterior bird populations, remove nests, and prevent future bird issues. All our services are fast, effective, require no shutdown, and are public relations friendly.

When you have a bird removal need, you’ll receive regular updates and can rest easy knowing the job will be complete – guaranteed. Upon receiving your order, we confirm the details of the services needed, schedule service with the location, and follow up with a post-service report. This post-service report provides a detailed record of the services provided, the results, and recommendations to prevent future bird issues.

Interior Bird Removal

Interior birds have traditionally been a challenge, and many companies use outdated methods to remove the invaders. Our patent pending “Bird-N-Free” capture system and process allows us to predictably remove birds from inside any facility. With our process, we can not only reproduce results but guarantee them to the point where we solve your problem or you don’t pay!

Never before has this been available in all settings, from small buildings to the largest commercial facilities, including 10,000-square-foot grocery stores, three-story open-concept malls, 15+ story open-lobby hotel buildings, 3,000,000-square-foot distribution centers, busy airport terminals and more. Perhaps the best part of our capture system is our ability to adapt to your setting without any disruption to your operations or customers.

Our system utilizes a proprietary setup of nets and a systematic capture process to work with the birds inside your facility. Our technicians are trained to observe and identify the species of bird(s) in your facility and apply the most effective capture strategy for that specific bird. Once we complete the Interior Bird Removal, we perform our Full Facility Inspection to help determine not only how the birds entered your facility but what actions you can take to help prevent future issues.

Exterior Population Reduction

When nuisance bird populations grow out of control, reducing their numbers can save damage to the exterior of a facility, as well as prevent birds from entering the facility. Since outside populations contribute to interior bird issues, reducing them is more effective and cost-saving than performing Interior Bird Removal Services only.

Exterior birds may also cause additional issues when populations have exceeded an appropriate threshold. Birds may cause product damage, health safety issues, a distraction to your customers, and leave an unsightly mess. Physically removing these birds directly reduces all these issues. We can also recommend alternatives to repopulation, such as reducing the natural resources that attract birds.

Nest Removal

Nest Removal is a critical component of our bird removal services. To safely perform nest removal, our technicians wear appropriate personal protective equipment and follow a careful set of guidelines to contain all of the nesting materials. Birds, their nests, and droppings can contain over 60 hazardous diseases, parasites, and bacteria. These include salmonella, E. coli, histoplasmosis, bird flu, West Nile virus, bird mites, and many more.

Nesting season typically occurs during the spring, and most of the issues are created by English house sparrows, European starlings, and pigeons. Combining nest removal with bird removal services for these species is required when there are any active nests present, including eggs or fledglings.

If nests are present at your facility after nesting season is over, it may also be performed as a standalone service if needed. Nest removal for all federally protected species may only be done after nesting season is complete, when there are no active eggs or fledglings. It is best to focus on preventing nesting at your facility. If you are unsure of the difference between the nuisance birds (sparrows, starlings, and pigeons) and federally protected birds, please call for assistance.

Full Facility Inspection

Our Full Facility Inspection involves a deep dive into operational practices, facility maintenance, and sanitation issues. By evaluating these three key areas, we are able to give an accurate assessment of your current situation and provide a post-service recommendation to help prevent future bird issues.

The Full Facility Inspection is automatically included with our Interior Bird Removal, Exterior Population Reduction, and Nest Removal services. It is also available as a standalone service.

When our technicians arrive on-site, they start the inspection by observing the number of birds in and around your location. Once the pre-service component is complete, these notes are documented and the removal service begins. During the service, our focus is on completing the removal services and also observing your facility operational practices. Upon completion of the removal, we perform a full walk around interior and exterior of the facility, closely inspecting for any facility maintenance issues.

Common Issues

These are the most common issues observed in the above categories:

  • Operational Practices – Rollup and sliding doors left open while not in use
  • Facility Maintenance Issues – Gaps and holes along the roofline or around condenser lines
  • Sanitation – Nesting and trash around the facility grounds

By addressing these issues and any others identified, you can significantly reduce future bird issues at your facility. For a comprehensive report on your facility, call (855) 362-2200 today.