Employee Testimonials


“I love the traveling. It’s an exciting job to go out to the stores needing help and capture the birds.”

Sarah L.

Bird Removal Technician II
South Carolina

“Working for Meridian has truly been one of the greatest privileges I have ever been afforded. Whether it be traveling to new places, realizing my own personal development, or simply being a part of the greatest community of people I could ever hope to encounter, Meridian has truly changed my life. Each day I wake up knowing that my professional network is filled with some of the most capable—and more importantly, caring—individuals that the world has to offer. Words can’t express the pride I have in being a member of the Meridian family.”

Forrest T.

 Bird Removal Technician II


“Meridian is like my second family. Yes, this is my job to make sure the office runs smoothly and I love it, but it’s also enjoyable to be here due to the wonderful people who make you feel like family.”

Linda F.

 Office Manager

“I enjoy working for this company because it continues to grow, which allows its employees to advance. Employees are listened to and their opinions count. The company also provides a much-needed service to businesses that could possibly be shut down due to health code violations if not for us coming to the rescue! The Administrative office is made up of a wonderful mix of personalities that all blend to make a successful team.”

Julie R.

 Human Resources Coordinator


“I truly love my job. When people ask if I enjoy what I’m doing, I can honestly and excitedly answer ‘YES!’ Meridian provides its employees with a work environment that not only cultivates strong, bonded relationships with co-workers, but also the flexibility to grow and expand within the company. Every day is a new adventure in the workplace; it’s never boring or routine. If you’re interested in a job where you’re constantly challenged and get the chance to break daily routine, the Meridian family is for you!”

Cori D.

 Training Specialist

“There are many things I enjoy about working at Meridian. The most enjoyable part is the challenge that each and every job throws my way. No two jobs are exactly alike, and it is such a rewarding feeling to figure out what a bird is doing and safely capture it.”

Aaron D.

 Bird Removal Technician


“Very cool part-time job. Each job is different, challenging and there is never a boring moment while on the job. It’s humbling dealing with the wildlife.”

Mike P.

 Bird Removal Technician III

“It’s great to get paid to humanely catch birds and release them where they belong. I like providing a service to our customers who need us and meeting people. It’s a “win-win” opportunity for all of us.”

Mark P.

North Carolina


“I like working at Meridian because everyone works together as a team to make this company successful, which makes for a great work environment. I love being part of a company that makes a difference and that thrives on such great core values. Meridian has inspired me to be the best I can be, not only at work but at home as well.”

Candace T.

 Customer Service Representative