Employment Opportunities

Meridian Bird Removal is a dynamic, high-growth company that delivers guaranteed results for our customers. At Meridian, we provide innovative bird removal and bird management services for big-box retailers, supermarkets, distribution centers, and many other commercial facilities. As a company, our competitive advantage is our patent pending Bird-N-Free Live Capture System and Process, our internal business processes, and most importantly, our people.

Our motto: Embracing New Adventures Daily!

A successful candidate will understand
and embody our core values: 

  • Be Above the Bar
  • Eagerly Optimistic
  • Adapt and Overcome
  • Commitment to Capture
  • Humbly Confident
  • Help First


Our Part-Time Bird Removal Technicians have multiple career paths available. As you gain experience completing jobs, you may earn the opportunity to move up into a level 1, 2, or 3 technician. While we continue to grow, there will be additional needs for Full-Time Bird Removal Technicians, Full-Time Trainers, Team Managers, and more. There are additional requirements to qualify as a Full-Time Technician, Full-Time Trainer, or Team Manager, focused on the job-specific skills needed to be successful.